Learn about the Practical Solutions Performance Framework

WSDOT is developing a Practical Solutions Performance Framework to help WSDOT make investments that advance its six transportation policy goals. This website provides performance measures for the Mobility and Economic Vitality goals:

The performance measures on this website are intended to be useful for a wide variety of project types and contexts. However, there are many potential approaches to evaluating how WSDOT investments and partnerships may affect the transportation system. The performance measures presented here are a starting point for analysts.

To learn more about the Practical Solutions Performance Framework development process, visit the WSDOT Practical Solutions Performance Framework webpage.

What is the Practical Solutions approach?

WSDOT’s 2019 Strategic Plan, which guides the work of WSDOT staff, identifies Practical Solutions as the agency’s preferred approach to decision making and project delivery. The Practical Solutions approach relies on performance-based, data-driven decision-making that guides strategic investments for all travel modes. Practical Solutions involves interdisciplinary and collaborative decision-making with an emphasis on context, performance and community engagement.  

WSDOT describes the Strategic Plan’s Practical Solutions goal as follows:

We collaborate with our partners to make the right investments, in the right places, at the right time, while using the right approach. Our investment choices are guided by multimodal performance outcomes in order to achieve a truly integrated, sustainable transportation system. (WSDOT Strategic Plan Factsheet,2019).

WSDOT’s Practical Solutions webpage provides additional resources, including examples of project implementation, training resources, and more.